Expert Antimicrobial Services

Business Planning:  AP Strategies assists clients with developing a thoughtful, compliant and comprehensive business plan for the launch or expansion of antimicrobial products.  AP Strategies provides experience that helps clients draft business objectives that provide competitive advantage while focusing on speed-to-market and stay-in-market.

Product Research:  AP Strategies leverages their understanding of the antimicrobial market space to research public information that helps company’s compare to competitive antimicrobial products.  This information helps clients understand the competitive landscape for their product type, while providing an important component of any business plan.

Marketing Claim Strategy:  Accurate and compliant antimicrobial claim structuring is key to the success of the product.  It is important to complete this step early in the business planning process, as the result can impact all other planning activities.  AP Strategies has the knowledge to help draft a thorough, complete and compliant marketing claim strategy.

Product Development Strategy:  AP Strategies can effectively and efficiently help your company develop a thorough antimicrobial product development plan, starting with ideation, ending at product launch.  A comprehensive, but efficient, testing plan is an important component of any development plan.  AP Strategies understand the necessary testing to get a product to market and can assist with protocol and test method development and approval for all necessary data, including efficacy, chemistry and toxicity data.

Product Registration Strategy:  AP Strategies draws on decades of product registration experience, when planning product registration pathways and submissions.  Registration planning impacts all areas of product management and compliance.  A thoughtful registration strategy impacts speed-to-market and stay-in-market of the product.  AP Strategies can help your company obtain the necessary global approvals, including product registrations with EPA, FDA, States, Canada, Europe, as well other international locations.

Due Diligence:  AP Strategies utilizes decades of experience to assist investors or companies with acquisition due diligence for antimicrobial products.  Understanding the compliance of antimicrobial products prior to investment or acquisition is key to the financial success of the decision.

Product Compliance:  Antimicrobial products are closely scrutinized by the regulatory authorities.  It is important for any antimicrobial business to be in compliance with federal and state regulations.  All facets of antimicrobial products are regulated: development, production, marketing, sales and stewardship.  AP Strategies will help your company solidify your product.

GLP/QSR Compliance:  AP Strategies has the necessary expertise to complete Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and/or Quality System Regulation audits of antimicrobial testing facilities and antimicrobial production. It is beneficial to ensure that the exact testing you will complete will be compliant, as well as the production of the product.

Trade Association Representation:  AP Strategies will attend applicable trade association meetings on behalf of your company, keeping you informed of any regulatory or policy changes that may impact your business.  AP Strategies, is active in the primary trades that drives antimicrobial product policy and compliance. 

Antimicrobial Education/Training:  AP Strategies can provide education/training sessions for your employees or executives, providing an executive overview of antimicrobial regulations and compliance.  As well as an overview of existing technologies and applications.

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