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About AP Strategies

AP Strategies leverages decades of antimicrobial testing, regulatory and product registration expertise to provide strategic consulting services to businesses that acquire, fund, develop, manufacture, sell or use antimicrobial products.

  • The success of an antimicrobial product depends on strategic business planning that incorporates testing, compliance and registration requirements.
  • AP Strategies provides expert guidance at all company growth stages; funding, start-up, early growth or mature stage.
  • AP Strategies helps optimize business planning to enhance global positioning, market position, speed-to-market and stay-in-the-market.
  • AP Strategie’s comprehensive understanding of antimicrobial testing, compliance and product registration requirements helps companies manage the product lifecycle; including ideation, concept, development, testing, manufacturing, launch, marketing, sales and stewardship.
  • AP Strategies has the necessary product registration knowledge, experience and agency relationships to help companies succeed in maneuvering through the various product registration jurisdictions within the United States, Canada and Internationally.


Contact Information

Direct:  (612) 877-8106
Fax:  (612) 877-9213

322 Broadway Street S., Ste. #1
Stillwater, MN  55082


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